Mic Burns



I graduated from Cornish School of Arts, in Seattle, in 1963. Majoring 
In design and painting. I opened a design advertising business in 1966.
By the end of the year I was drafted in the army. 

While in the army, I took a part time job at a tobacco and pipe store. I soon met a pipe maker. He told me he wanted to quit making pipes. I bought everything he had, including tools for making pipes and the briar.

I went on and became quite well known world wide for making Freehand Pipes, under the name Micoli.  After 40 years or so I don’t make many pipes, I started painting again. Only this time the Paint is digital. 

I have always remembered my teacher at art school, William Maher, saying that look at everthing. Even a crack in the side walk has something to offer.  To look around the subject to create the object of interest. 

My Paintings are created from my wifes pallets, my own pallets, natures pallets and anything of interest. The smallest item, when enlarged in size, is meaningful to me.