​Marka Burns

I received my BFA from the Chouinard Art Institute and an MFA from California State University Long Beach. Where I taught art education and fine art at Cal State for 32 years, and I continue to work at the University supervising student teachers.  

I am also the co-founder of the Long Beach Creative Group. We are a group of seven artists whose mission since 2015 has been to provide opportunities for Long Beach artists to exhibit their work. We currently have a gallery the LBCG/Rod Briggs Gallery at 2221 E. Broadway. 

To quote Anais Nin.  Understanding language is not useful in most deep creative processes.” In the spirit of Nin’s powerful quote I find recurring theme and inspiration in my work is the mutable nature of memory. Knowing that it is unlikely that memories are always true I try to inhabit that uncertainty as a source of creativity where memories are fragile, ephemeral and changeable. Being able to capture that creative moment of insight is magical! 

My work is created and inspired by intentionally presenting the viewer with unusual combinations of images free of conventional meaning.